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Unlock the Power of AI for Facebook Advertising

Our all-in-one AI solution will handle everything for you, from creating Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to targeting and optimizing your advertising campaigns at a budget-friendly starting price of just $49.

With Peachly, you don’t have to lift a finger or worry about complicated tools ever again.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – based on +530 users that are unleashing the power of AI for their Facebook, Instagram and Google Ad Campaigns
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How Does Peachly AI Work?

Watch this video in order to learn how is our AI creating, targeting and optimizing your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertising Campaigns.

For more details about our AI tool, please check out our Knowledge base section. 

Advertising with AI, Perfected By Humans - Starting at a Peachly Price of Just $49

Are you tired of trying to navigate the confusing world of online advertising? 

Want to leave it to the experts but also don’t want to break the bank? 

Look no further than Peachly Digital! 

Peachly Digital’s advanced AI technology is designed to deliver exceptional performance in creating, targeting, and optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns. 


Our cost-effective solutions, starting at $49, are tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and budgets. Experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology and achieve maximum results with Peachly Digital

With Peachly AI, launching a campaign is a breeze. You don’t have to lift a finger or bother with complicated systems. 

All you need to do is provide access to your ad account, input you budget, and let Peachly AI take care of the rest. The AI platform will handle everything, from setting up the campaign to optimizing it for maximum performance. 

This means that you don’t need to spend time and effort on setting up and managing their campaigns, and can instead focus on other important tasks. With just a few clicks, Peachly AI makes it easy for users to launch and run successful campaigns.

And don’t worry about any robot uprising, our team of experts will keep our AI in check, ensuring your campaigns are perfect and error-free. 

So why waste time and money on complicated solutions when Peachly Digital can do it all with ease? 

Join the AI revolution with Peachy Digital and watch your advertising results soar.

Few clicks and BAM! Your campaign is live and ready to rock!

1. Let’s get this party started! Choose a package that fits your business needs.

2. Give Peachly access to your Facebook advertising account through our super-secure platform

3. Sit back, grab something to snack on, and let our AI do the rest. 

4. Our team of ad-whizzes will be keeping a close eye on everything, so you can relax knowing that the tiniest of details are taken care of. 

5. Monitor your campaigns with our easy-to-navigate reports and watch the wins stack up quicker than you can say “profits!”

Why Peachly Digital

Discover why our solution is the top choice for your next Facebook advertising campaign.

Optimize Your Advertising with AI

Cutting-edge AI technology that creates, targets, and optimizes Facebook advertising campaigns for maximum performance.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing at $49

Affordable pricing starting at just $49.

Perfect Campaigns - few clicks away

We get it. Results, not complexity. Our solution simplifies the process, no backend navigation, just real results with easy-to-read reports.

Expert Verification for Error-Free Campaigns

Expert oversight to ensure campaigns are perfect and error-free.

Simple Advertising Solution, No Headaches

Easy-to-use solution that eliminates the need to navigate complicated processes

Unlimited, unlimited, unlimited

We won't charge more based on your ad spend and we will not eat up your profits.

Stop Wasting Money on Unsuccessful Advertising.

AI-driven ads are the way to go, with experts overseeing each campaign for maximum performance. Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising and get more from each ad spend. Get higher ROI with targeted, optimized ads at affordable rates.

Save time and money with AI-driven solutions.

You can do more with less. It takes a lot of work to create, target, and optimize your online advertising campaigns – either manually or with apps. Let Peachly help you save time and money by getting the perfect campaign in just a few clicks. You don’t have to do anything, just watch your leads and sales come in.


Join the AI revolution and elevate your Facebook Ads with Peachly. 

In just one month, we have over 450+  businesses that rely on our affordable solutions daily for faster launches and automation. Let’s grow together.

Peachly will not take a piece of your profits or base the price on your ad spent.


Basic - AI Prospecting


/week - 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pro - Full Funnel Integration


/week - 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Advanced - AI Domination


/week - 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
"Peachly gets 5 stars all around in my book! They have been a pleasure to work with and Peachly lightened my load in more ways than I could ever express."
Susannah Van
Owner, Elevate
"Working with Peachly made every challenging process very easy. Their expertise and experience is top notch. The results we saw working with them were better than our best case scenario. They were able to bring all the pieces together seamlessly and quickly. I've been working in web technologies for over a decade, and I haven't come across more than a handful of people that have the expertise in Social Media Advertising that Peachly has. I look forward to the next project I can work with them on. Peachly has my highest recommendation!"
Larry Sawyer
Senior UX, PayPal
"I highly recommend Peachly. They had helped us double to triple our ROI on Facebook Advertising. They are willing to work with you hand and hand to create amazing ads that help scale your business to the next level."​
Phil Laboon
Founder, WUDN

Have any questions?​

We’re here to help you.

Peachly Digital is a company that uses cutting-edge AI technology to create, target, and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns for its clients. Our AI technology is designed to maximize performance while keeping costs low, starting at just $49. Our team of experts will also oversee the AI to ensure that campaigns are error-free and optimal.

Peachly combines the power of AI technology and human expertise to help customers create, target, and optimize highly effective Facebook advertisement campaigns. The AI automates the process of crafting an advertising campaign, while humans offer expert-level verification to ensure each campaign is tailored to perfection.

No, the pricing is for our AI solution only.

Customers can expect increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved engagement with their online content. As a result of merging AI and human expertise, Peachy Digital offers cost-effective and high-performing Facebook ads that are sure to get results.

We can’t guarantee you’ll become a millionaire overnight, but most of our customers have seen their metrics skyrocket faster than the stock market on a bull run. Just remember, your results may vary and will depend on your landing page and offer being as irresistible as a plate of warm cookies.

By using Peachly, you can save time and money on complicated advertising solutions. Our AI technology will create and optimize campaigns with maximum performance, while our team of experts will ensure that campaigns are error-free. Additionally, our pricing structure is affordable, starting at just $49.

Our pricing starts at just $49, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.

No, there are no long-term contracts or commitments required. You can use Peachly on a month-to-month basis, with the option to cancel at any time.

Yes, our team of experts will oversee the AI to ensure that your campaigns are error-free and optimal.

The time it takes to set up and launch your campaigns will depend on the complexity of your advertising needs. Our team of experts will work with you to create and launch your campaigns as quickly as possible.

Currently, Peachly Digital only specializes in Facebook advertising.

To get started with Peachly Digital, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. First, choose a package that fits your business needs by visiting our website.
  2. Next, give us access to your Facebook advertising account through our secure platform.
  3. Finally, sit back, relax and let our AI technology create, target and optimize your advertising campaigns while you can grab a snack and watch your results soar.

Our solution stands out from the rest because we do all the hard work on our end to make things as easy as possible for our users. You can see everything in your native ads manager in Facebook and you have the added option to approve all campaigns before they launch.

You will receive weekly or daily reports with all your key metrics. We prioritize making the process as easy as possible for our users, which is why we don’t have a backend. We’re the only platform to offer this and it makes us unique. Everything will be seen in your native ads manager on Facebook and you can opt in to approve all campaigns before they launch.

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