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Partner with top 1% advertising geniuses and leverage cutting-edge AI for only $29, including a FREE trial!
Stay ahead of the curve and fully capitalize on the AI (r)evolution.
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Created by AI, perfected by Humans, Starting at a Peachly Price of just $290

Peachly AI is like a fusion of ChatGPT  DALL-E 2 Copy AI Madgicx for your advertising campaign


Peachly AI leverages cutting-edge AI image technology to generate compelling ads and enhance their performance. This increases the ability of advertisers to connect with their desired audience, leading to more successful campaigns.


Peachly AI enables businesses to reach their ideal target audience with precise accuracy. This technology uses AI to evaluate user behavior and demographics in order to create effective and efficient targeting strategies.


Our AI solution utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize ad delivery and target the most relevant audience. This results in increased ad performance, higher engagement rates, and better return on investment for advertisers.

Step 1

Drop us Your Website Link!

First things first, share the link to the website you want to promote with Peachly AI. 🌐

Step 2

Targeting & Ad Creation

Based on your website, Peachly AI will sift through the data like a boss and come up with the perfect targeting strategy. Then, it will craft engaging and effective ads that reflect your brand and connect with your target audience. 🎯

Step 3

Advertising Expert Review

Once the ads are cooked up, our seasoned advertising experts will review them, ensuring they meet industry standards and align with your marketing goals. πŸ“‹

Step 4

Ad Publishing & Optimization

After receiving the expert stamp of approval, these fresh ads will be published on your picked social platform. But that's not all! Peachly AI will continually monitor and optimize your ads for prime performance, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. πŸ’ͺ

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Powerful advertising tool, powered by GPT-4
Transform Your Advertising Strategy with Our AI Tool:
Trained on 526k Ads!
βœ“ AI algorithm based on ~500k ads
βœ“ Analyzes data from your ad campaigns
βœ“ Identifies effective strategies for your target audience
βœ“ Optimizes ad campaigns in real-time
βœ“ Maximizes impact and ROAS
Creative Development with AI

Think Outside the Stock: Unleash Your Creativity with AI!

βœ“ No need to search through endless stock photography libraries
βœ“ Create personalized visuals with ease
βœ“ Think outside the box with custom and original artwork
βœ“ AI-powered tool creates compelling visuals
βœ“ Captures the attention of your audience
βœ“ Boost engagement and conversions with unique visuals.
World's First Hybrid AI Advertising Solution
βœ“ Maximize advertising ROI with Peachly AI's hybrid solution
βœ“ Unique combination of automation and human expertise
βœ“ Experts review your Peachly ads and oversee the campaign
βœ“ Power of AI + expertise of a human
βœ“ Unlock new levels of advertising success.


Jumpstart your journey with AI with a free 7-day trial on selected plans. Amaze yourself with the power of AI!


Jumpstart your journey with AI with a free 7-day trial on selected plans. Amaze yourself with the power of AI!

Starter Spark 🌟


/w - 7-Day Free Trial

AI Accelerator ⚑


/w - 7-Day Free Trial

AI Aristocrat πŸ€–


/w - 7-Day Free Trial

Pssst...Do You Want the Unlimited Package for just $19!?

  • Unlimited Copy
  • Unlimited AI Images
  • Unlimited Targeting Suggestions
  • 24/7 Digital Marketing Assistant
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How we deliver results

Discover why our solution is the top choice for your next Facebook & Google advertising campaign.

Optimize Your Advertising with AI

Cutting-edge AI technology that creates, targets, and optimizes advertising campaigns for maximum performance.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing at $29

Affordable pricing starting at just $29

Perfect Campaigns - few clicks away

We get it. Results, not complexity. Our solution simplifies the process, no backend navigation, just real results with easy-to-read reports.

Expert Verification for Error-Free Campaigns

Expert oversight to ensure campaigns are perfect and error-free.

Simple Advertising Solution, No Headaches

Easy-to-use solution that eliminates the need to navigate complicated processes

Unlimited, unlimited, unlimited

We won't charge more based on your ad spend and we will not eat up your profits.

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What clients are saying:

Investing in Peachly AI : "The Best Decision I've Made!"


"I highly recommend Peachly. They had helped us double to triple our ROI on Facebook Advertising. They are willing to work with you hand and hand to create amazing ads that help scale your business to the next level."​

Phil Laboon
Founder, Wudn
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Peachly AI is a company that uses cutting-edge AI technology to create, target, and optimize advertising campaigns for its clients. Our AI technology is designed to maximize performance while keeping costs low, starting at just $290. Our team of experts will also oversee the AI to ensure that campaigns are error-free and optimal.

No, the pricing is for our AI solution only.

Customers can expect increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved engagement with their online content. As a result of merging AI and human expertise, Peachy Digital offers cost-effective and high-performing ads that are sure to get results.

We can’t guarantee you’ll become a millionaire overnight, but most of our customers have seen their metrics skyrocket faster than the stock market on a bull run. Just remember, your results may vary and will depend on your landing page and offer being as irresistible as a plate of warm cookies.

Peachly combines the power of AI technology and human expertise to help customers create, target, and optimize highly effective Facebook advertisement campaigns. The AI automates the process of crafting an advertising campaign, while humans offer expert-level verification to ensure each campaign is tailored to perfection.

No, there are no long-term contracts or commitments required. You can use Peachly on a month-to-month basis, with the option to cancel at any time.

The time it takes to set up and launch your campaigns will depend on the complexity of your advertising needs. Our team of experts will work with you to create and launch your campaigns as quickly as possible.

To get started with Peachly Digital, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. First, choose a package that fits your business needs by visiting our website.
  2. Next, give us access to your Facebook advertising account through our secure platform.
  3. Finally, sit back, relax and let our AI technology create, target and optimize your advertising campaigns while you can grab a snack and watch your results soar.

By using Peachly, you can save time and money on complicated advertising solutions. Our AI technology will create and optimize campaigns with maximum performance, while our team of experts will ensure that campaigns are error-free. Additionally, our pricing structure is affordable, starting at just $29.

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Try our AI-powered Advertising solution starting from just $29!

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